Chicken Jambalya

It was quite good but unfortunately the taste still wasn't quite right. Something was noticeably missing. I suspect it was from the fact that didn't have fresh parsley on hand and had to use dried parsley flakes. Also I didn't happen to have thyme either. At least it was very filling and it'll last us another day or two along with providing lunch. Also noted, medium grain rice (sticky rice) doesn't go as well with jambalya as long grain (what you're supposed to use). I didn't have any other type of rice on me. My Joy of Cooking book actaully failed me for the first time, there's no mention of tomatos anywhere in the Jambalya recipie! I was shocked so I had to add in tomato paste. I noticed it didn't have enough chicken flavor as well. Some recipies call for chicken broth which I'm going to use next time.


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