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My first and possibly only blog, not a big fan of blogging but I figured this might be a way to let people know I'm still alive and at the same time provide a way to contact me. I do a fair amoutn of cooking so I figured why not share it with everyone. Good food on a student budget should be useful to some people. Anyways, I'll be uploading some pics in a short while when I find some space on the web for them. I'll post first my most recent creation.

Cheese Popovers
I found them fairly delicious, good both hot and cold. Very good for a quick breakfast and the cream cheese I used definately put a pleasent but slight sourness. Anyways, I do feel that the outside is a bit flavorless and next time I plan to sprinkle some chedder cheese and basil into the batter. I also noticed the outside of these popovers tasted interestingly familiar and I realized that if I had replaced the filling with whip cream instead of cheese, I would essentially have a cream puff. That'll be next weeks project. Very quick and easy to make.


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