Past meals

I've decided to take some pictures of some past meals that whipped up that I still have to fill in the emptiness at the moment. Some of them were quite tasty though.

Mushroom Stuffed Eggs topped with parmesan cheese

I whipped these up while looking at a recipie for normal stuffed eggs. Pretty delectable but the mushroom flavor was somewhat masked by the heavy spices used to make stuffed eggs. The eggs had to be boiled first, then baked.

Sage Rubbed Roasted Pork Loin

Very complex flavor but the pork turned out to be much drier than I had anticipated. Still it was good. I also went too light on the spices. I really should have used more to rub the outside of the pork as well.

Eggs Benedict (poached eggs with hollandaise sauce)

Again it turned out to be very good tasting. I used slices of a summer sausage since we didn't have any canadian bacon or ham. The hollandaise sauce was difficult because it involved certain ingrediants I had never used before such as clarified butter. Also poaching eggs takes a while.


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